Behind The Bib

Being a working mom is a pretty tough balance and I'd be lying if I acted like I did it all on my on. It takes a village. Not only to help create the beautiful content that I get to share with you, but to give me the ability to do what I love to do. I believe if you surround yourself with people who inspire you, support you and teach you, that's how you'll make it to the top. The juggle is real and without this brilliant circle of support I would absolutely not have the time or peace of mind to work while taking care of my daughter, nor would I have all of the creative juices to make The Black Bib come together each week! 



Annebet Duvall

Creative Direction,Design and Editing 

Alx Bear


Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 1.01.38 PM.png

Karli Scott

Baby Wrangler, Nanny, & Savior of My Sanity. 


Mary Snow

All Brand Design