Hand Mouth Foot.... Oh God

Isla was just diagnosed with Hand, Mouth & Foot disease and I have to say my first reaction was… Ew. I know it’s soooo common and tons of kids get it, but it also falls into that category of lice and ring worm in my head. Just so gross. I cannot believe that my kid has this. And then on top of it the poor thing is in pain!! Thankfully she is on the tail end of it so I don’t think the blisters will get too bad. She only has a little rash on her feet and blisters on her hands. No blisters in her mouth. Thank god. I’ll be spending my Friday night sanitizing.

Ummm I have a Fainter on my Hands... WTF?!

I was treated to a little tantrum that quickly turned scary a couple of days ago and learned that my daughter is a fainter. Apparently, it's a fairly common thing for toddlers to hold their breath until they pass out either on purpose or while crying as part of a tantrum. Annnnnd apparently my kid is one of those toddlers. Yesterday marked the 3rd time that Isla has done this and it is SO scary! She screams either after she has fallen and gotten hurt OR when she's angry and throwing a tantrum. It then turns into her eyes rolling back and then she usually collapses into my arms. She pops her head up about 5 seconds later as if nothing ever happened and wants to go on her merry way. After speaking with my doctor, for now it seems I have nothing to worry about because it's a pretty common thing. I'm going to keep my eyes open for any weird things like throwing up or turning blue. So yeah.... one more thing to worry about. 

Dance Camp Drop Off

We are officially creeping our way into "drop off" territory and I couldn't be happier. I don't know about anyone else but I desperately need a little time to myself for an hour. Even if that means I go to Starbucks and back... it's still something! Unicorn and mermaid dance camp was 2 weeks and Isla loved it!

Isla's 1st Official Beach Day

I was a little timid about taking Isla to the beach. Not because I was scared for her. No... I was scared for me. Scared I would be in a constant state of worry that she will fall into a hole and I'll never find her, that she'll dive into the ocean when I look away for 1 small second. The worries are endless I could go on for days. I'm happy to report that none of that happened and she actually was so overwhelmed by all the space for running she tired herself out pretty quickly and would take little breaks hanging by my chair and playing with toys. I am crossing my fingers this continues for the rest of the summer!! 

The Answer is Yes. Babies Should go to the Dentist

I've been wondering if I'm supposed to be on top of Isla's dental hygeine or we'll just keep brushing her teeth because she thinks banana tooth paste is a treat and because I think it's funny. But apparently I DO need to take her to the dentist. Sometime in the next 6 months. Judging on her 15 month check up this sounds like it's going to be so fun (insert eye roll here). Any recs are welcome!

Finger Food Pergatory

Isla is an amazing eater and will try just about anything but I'm a little nervous that we are officially stuck in the phase of her eating everything with her fingers. I've tried to give her a fork or a spoon but she doesn't have much interest other than banging them or throwing them. Is she going to be an adult eating her steak dinner with her fingers at 45?! ugh. 

Baby Audition Lewk

Today is the day for our preschool playdate that isn't actually preschool it's a 2's program that we have yet to get into. Well, let me just tell you how it went with my sweet little Miss. After racking my brain all night and morning of what kind of look she should wear I decided on a nice mix of classic baby (pale pink cozy sweater and leggings) with just a small hint of chic cool factor (a neon bow and dark knit pants with tiny matching pom poms on each ankle). The playdate/interview/auditon was all of 30 minutes. Isla also discovered bright blue playdough for the first time. She refused to put the playdough down when it was time to clean up and start the music sing along. Her actual response was to growl at me. Something I've never heard come out of her mouth. I spent most of the audition pulling Isla off of the table that she learned to climb with 4 balls of playdough in her hands while continuously growling at me. Oh. And her brand new knit pants lost BOTH pom poms on one ankle. never to be seen again. 

Anyway, I think we nailed. 

No more bath seat!

We finally have moved out of the bath seat. I know I know. It's a little crazy that Isla's still in it, but to be honest it kept her in one spot while I washed her hair, and it also kept me from having a heart attack while she slipped around like a fish. If you have never tried a keter bath seat I recommend it... but maybe for not as long as we used it. Oops! 

Baby Auditioning. AKA a playdate interview.

Do not be fooled. There is still no confirmation on whether or not we have gotten onto a waitlist for a 2's program but good news is that we scored a "playdate" at the school. Basically, I think it's an interview for a 1 year old. They go. They play. The teachers watch. All while parents sit there and wonder how exactly they should be acting. We go tomorrow. 

Terrible Twos Are a Big Fat Lie

So in case no one else was told (like me) terrible twos actually don't always start at 2. It's basically anytime after they turn 1 and can continue to age 4. Please join me in saying, W.T.F. ?!? We got our first biiiiiig taste of Isla's new found inner bad girl, and I have to say she's kinda mean. She hits, she yells (a lot.), and she doesn't give AF about anything you try to tell her. Good Luck to us all. 

College Applications. Ahem... I mean Preschool Applications

OK I knew the NYC school situation was a whole world of it's own but I really did not think it would come up so fast. Turns out applying to a 2's program. NOT preschool. Just a 2's program... should have been done almost a year in advance. Soooooo that would've made Isla 9 month's old. It's been brought to my attention several times that I am very behind in applying but I still did it anyway. We're waiting. To get onto a waitlist.... stay tuned. 

We've Been Hit! Our Family's 1st Stomach Bug

This past week I'm sad to report our household was taken down by the stomach bug! It was beyond gross. It was a full on 2 man job. Me on bathing and scrubbing barf out of hair, and my husband on changing sheets and laundry. Every 20 minutes for 5 hours throughout the middle of the night felt like sheer torture watching Isla so helpless and also completely clueless as to what in the world was happening! We got through it just in time for me to have my own version 2 days later. It was our first night really in the trenches together as parents, but I think we did a pretty good job!

Going h.a.m (or turkey) on Thanksgiving

My child eats a lot. She's a very good eater and I'm lucky enough that she will pretty much eat anything that we give to her. On thanksgiving she really exceeded my expectations. Girlfriend put down so much thanksgiving food it was impressive. And at the end topped it all off with her like 3rd birthday cake because her birthday falls so close to thanksgiving. She was living her best life that day. 

Isla Gets a Car!

Isla is the first grandchild on my side of the family. So to say she is spoiled by my parents is the understatement of the century. For her birthday this year she got a custom hot pink Range Rover car. I have absolutely no idea where one even begins to find or order a custom Range Rover but my parents some how did it. It has rims that light up with rainbow and LED lights, plays music, has leather seats, custom vanity plates and actually drives. We drove to NJ to visit my parents and when we arrived I was in tears and completely convinced there was something seriously wrong with Isla because she had screamed so hard for the entire 2 hour car ride straight. As soon as Isla saw her new car she suddenly jumped in and started dancing and fist pumping. I have never taught her a fist pump, and she doesn't even walk. So both of these things were a shock. Even more shocking was that 3 minutes prior I was convinced she was somehow dying and in the blink of an eye she was over it. Ahhh the magic of grandparents.