HOw It all started...


Hi I'm Jasmine Snow. I'm a Fashion Editor in New York City by day (and sometimes by night) and I'm a mommy all the time. I welcomed my daughter Isla in 2016, and I was a little bummed to discover the baby & kids’ style world full of overly precious prints, strictly gendered color schemes, and ruffles in all the wrong places. Not to mention the idea of the "mom style" to go with it. I spent hours during middle of the night feedings, and in between shots on set scrolling through all the classic baby sites, only to find I was always stocking up on indie Instagram finds, and on Etsy customizing my own pieces. All while praying my skinny mom jeans would never turn into actual mom jeans... if you know what I mean. Finding cute stuff for my baby wasn’t the hardest thing in the world, but it definitely was not the easiest (or the cheapest!)… some digital digging was required.

Listen, sometimes cool finds are a bazillion dollars, and you need to save like 3 Barney’s gift cards to buy them… And then others are really affordable.That's just how it goes when it comes to good style. The Black Bib is all about that mix. The perfect pair of heels, mastering a weekend getaway with your husband, a one of a kind stroller canopy, and finding all of those gems in between. Here, you can binge away on styling videos, shoppable shoots, curated pieces, and endless inspiration.

Heels, diapers, ruffles or leather...The Life, The Baby, The Fashion… all pair perfectly with the right details and a creative attitude. Just because you barf or get barfed on everyday, doesn’t mean you can’t live a chic life and look good while doing it.

Just Wear a Bib.