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It is a huge compliment to hear from any company that wants to collaborate. While I am flattered and wish I could work with as many amazing brands as possible, it’s extremely important to me that we are completely in sync. To ensure the most successful partnership in a potential collaboration, please consider if your product(s) is a good fit for The Black Bib before reaching out to me. This includes the overall aesthetic and editorial content that’s previously been featured. If you think that your company or brand is a good fit, please email me at Jasmine@theblackbib.com for more information.

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I love collaborating with like minded brands on editorial content for The Black Bib. However, all posts and content in partnership with any other brand/company will be written with my words and reflect my own opinion. Please contact me for more information as well as pricing at Jasmine@theblackbib.com


The valued network of advertisers that The Black Bib works with are carefully established so that readers can both benefit from and most importantly, relate to. If you feel that your company or brand is a good fit for the blog, please email Jasmine@theblackbib.com