There are about a million options when it comes to buying amazing shoes for kids. But something about summer shoes is just as much for your mini as it is for you! No more thick socks, cute baby toes are free and there's wayyyy more color! We've rounded up our favorites from high to low, from wild to sweet and everything in between.

Time for a mini pedicure!



It was a given that buying baby shoes would be a serious addiction, but I've really surprised myself with how obsessed I've become with mini sunnies for my little miss. Everywhere I turn it seems like I find another irresistible pair. These mirrored Illesteva pair are my current fav but some others that I'm loving you can shop below!


I looooove a little Dolce number but filling Isla's entire closet up would not be good for my bank account. I'm really feeling the regal vibes and my eye keeps going straight for little florals, and anything that screams Amalfi Coast chic. Check out my picks here!


The Easiest Way to Document each Month

Time Flies. You're basically discharged from the hospital, you blink and month one has passed! After lots of pinning, I found some floral inspo and quickly got to work on trying to freeze time. Each month, I would upload every baby selfie, spaghetti faced and bath time photos I had into an album on my Artifact Uprising App. The final day I'd do my "Floral Floor Photo" and make it the cover of that month's book. Pay and Print and the chic-est little book would arrive a few days later. Now, we have 12 tiny books sitting in Isla's nursery for us to look through together and it was the best way to document this year! 


Bubble Suits Make Baby Legs Even Cuter. Period. 

I'm a big believer in dressing a baby like a baby. There's this small window of time you have to show off those chunky leg rolls, cute little butts, and put those teeny feet on display! While I wish it were appropriate to wear an adult bubble suit, I think there's nothing more "baby-licious" than a proper bubble suit for your little one. I went a little crazy and bought them all summer long, but here are a few of my current favs that I'm coveting for when the sun peaks out this spring!


Custom Stroller

If you're anything like me, you don't settle for ordinary. I want my style to stand out. My stroller was no exception. There were plenty of beautiful options but as usual, I wanted something uniquely my own. I designed 2 separate canopies with an Etsy shop, and 1 on my own. For summer I did a cream canopy with neon pink leather piping, and for winter I did all black leather (obv.) I get SO many compliments and I love that our stroller is one of a kind to fit both Isla's style and mine. If you're just a little bit extra like me check out the shop and start making your own!


Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 9.23.25 PM.png

Late Night Insta-Shopping


In a late night Instagram hole these little gems popped up. Monster Slippers. I mean seriously? Does it get any cuter? I don't even know why you're still reading this. Go. Buy them now! 

diaper bag strap.jpg

The Diaper Bag

When I was about to have my baby I suddenly realized my favorite Celiné would no longer be my every day bag. So what was I going to carry as a diaper bag that was practical but also fit my own style? There are definitely designers that do great styles but my inner accessories editor wanted more options... and I knew they were just waiting to be discovered! I found I could get one of genius designer (and mom!) Rebecca Minkoff's chic guitar bag straps and snap them onto whatever diaper bag and instantly add sparkle! Or that I could grab one of Goldno8's metallic pouches to keep organized inside the diaper bag, but then move it to a cross body after hours by adding the long strap. Now I have options... I love options.

Take a look to the left for a few others I have in baby rotation right now!


family photos.jpg
contact sheet family photos.jpg

1. THE LOOK Wear something you all feel beautiful, comfortable, & can move in. Also good hair always makes you feel good so a blowout won't hurt!  

2. THE SHOT LIST You have a small window with that baby so prepare all your shots beforehand.

3. THE PHOTOGRAPHER Find someone who works with babies/kids. If they need a break, a feeding, a change... a patient photographer will understand!

4. THE LOCATION Comfort is key. Either your home or somewhere you know well. At home, all your necessities are right there when you need them!

5. THE TEAM It takes a village! Ask your mom, relative or a friend to be on hand to grab a bottle, fix a stray hair or just to be a supportive bestie. It's crucial for staying organized and calm!

Photography: Christian Oth Studio


Throwing a 1st Birthday Even your Single friends will love!

My vision for Isla's first birthday was just an enhanced version of what we love to do all the time. Eat, hang with friends and listen to good music. I figured what better way to celebrate than throw a "Babies Who Brunch" themed birthday party. Watch below to get an inside peak into all of the little details that helped bring the party all together!


Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 9.08.32 PM.png

Tutu Moment

Tutu Dumond tutus


Magic wands, tea parties, and tutus are just the icing on the cake when it comes to dress up... but I've recently discovered Tutu du Monde, (expert in all things frilly & tulle'd) gives you one more reason to never quit that shopping addiction. BESPOKE TUTUS!! You can create the perfect sparkly number from start to finish and forever have a one of a kind piece.

Exclusivity at it's girliest!