The TBB 2018 Holiday Guide

Holiday Shopping is not as stressful when you’re prepared with a few ideas, but when you actually start shopping even more ideas start to pop up. Here is a round up of inspiration to give you a head start! Keep checking back for lots more as I add new things throughout the month!


Your Home


Decor is just another piece of the holiday hustle and bustle. From a great tree, lights, and holiday cards all the way to the packaging and wrap. I know, I know… coordinating wrap is a little overboard but taking the time to make the presentation look extra special is half of the excitement of the gift itself!


Your Family


Matching or not, the best and coziest pajamas come out for the holiday season. We (ok me.) love wearing ours even after the holidays all year round!


Your Bestie


The absolute best part of holiday shopping is finding those perfect gems for your bestie, your sister and of course…. yourself! These are just a few things I’m buying up for my girls and adding to my own wishlist (or to my cart!)


Your Work Wife


I know you reeeeallly want to just grab a starbucks giftcard and call it a day…. but I promise these options are so much better and will show you gave way more thought into something special. All of these options are under $50!



Your Host

The perfect host almost always is the hardest to buy for. Go the extra mile and instead of bringing a bottle of wine, pick up one of these special gifts to love well after the party is over.