The Black Bib

… In Real Life

I can’t remember which came first, The Black Bib the site or The Black Bib… the bib. Either way, I am so beyond thrilled to be writing this post that The Black Bib, product has finally launched! When I started this site not only was it a place that I wanted to create beautiful content to share but always knew that I wanted to have a piece of it that all of you could actually hold in your hands. I’ve been simultaneously working on both for the past year and a half.

When I had Isla, I found it so difficult to find cool pieces that were either black, or leather or other lux materials, that I love to mix into my own wardrobe. While I understand it’s totally impractical, I still wanted it for those impractical dressing moments. The fancy brunch, or going out with friends and having a bite. I wished I could put a bib on her that was as cute as the outfit she had on underneath. I had my own black leather bomber that I lived in, why couldn’t she have the same…

My inspiration from design, to packaging all came from the amazingly chic New York City moms I encounter every day. The designers, the editors, the bloggers, the stay at home rockstars… all of them that understand even though having children is almost always a literal mess, there is no reason to not look good while living it.

I hope you love The Black Bib as much as I have loved designing it for you!

xo, Jas