Baby Dance Class

It's officially back to school season and we've signed up for dance class to get in the groove and start socializing. I grew up a dancer so all I want is for her to go to dance class wear tutus and have fun! The class is adorable but it's basically a music class held in a dance studio. Honestly, I don't even care. I'm just pretending that she's doing a full barre combination every week. The first week I went in and Isla was in a black leotard, tights and baby Bloch ballet shoes, the teacher sweetly commented "awwww look you dress in costume for our class today". Little did she know that this was not a costume, and I had planned to dress Isla this way every week. I think after 3 weeks, and 3 pair of ballet shoes in different colors later she knew we were serious. Oh also... Isla has a major crush on the guitarist Mr. Donald that sings the songs each week.