Beach Nap Training

Sleep Training Isla was my number one priority after having her. Her naps and her nightime routine are down to a perfect science but now approaching summer I was nervous that would all be thrown out the window once we started spending our days at the beach. My goal was to figure out a way to sleep train her to nap on the beach. This is no science and really has not much of a theory behind it like my regular sleep training but this is what I do to get Isla to nap on the beach:

  • I put Isla in the running stroller that I always take to the beach each day. It has giant wheels and pushes through the sand much better than the regular stroller.
  • I put a thin muslin swaddle blanket over the hood and clip to the sides so she doesn't have sun in her eyes and so that she isn't distracted. 
  • i usually walk her up and down the beach until she falls asleep, and then she naps right in the stroller. 
  • Note: I tried using the small little pop up tents for her to sleep in but she got so much sand blown on her on windy days, and I didn't like that I couldn't cover it with a blanket to give her a little privacy.