Isla the Competitor

Ahh the Pamper Scamper. Something I've heard stories about over the years from my mom about how my brother crawled his way to be the grand champion of our local Ocean City baby crawling race. In addition to those stories are the ones of years and years of family championships winning the annual Ocean City Baby Parade. Now that I had a baby that would be the exact same age as my bother was when he won.... the stakes were high. With a little hesitation but also excitement I surrendered myself to listening to all orders and creative direction of Kris Jenner... ahem I mean my mom. We did baby crawling training, we hot glued pearls and glitter to custom floats, the works. Isla did not win the pamper scamper. Some dumb kid in a neon teeshirt distracted all the babies and she stared at him the whole time. BUT she did come in 1st place and get the over all award for the baby parade. Although I felt like a teenager again and almost quit from my mom yelling at me I actually am so glad we did it and was really proud to hold Isla's very first trophy in my hands with her. It was an exhausting week but I have a feeling we'll be doing it all again next year.