Isla's 1st Christmas

I wasn’t sure if the holiday season would have any effect on Isla and if she would really care. I mean yes she gets a lot more than she did last year as a newborn but I didn’t think she would really fully grasp the concept. Well…. I was wrong! WE kicked off the season with her birthday in November and didn’t stop until the last sugar cookie was eaten. Although this may be a problem later on, she knew exactly what was happening every night when it came to opening Hannukah presents and was so excited to see what was inside. She perfected the phrase “open it” by the first week of December. Christmas morning was just as great as everyone with kids tells you that it will be. her sheer excitement and surprise was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. She had an obnoxious pile of gifts and couldn’t even contain her excitement. Her favorite was the new vanity set she got so that she could sit an “do her make up” and “yipstick”.