Jumping out of the Crib... please say it's not happening already!!

We have a jumper! Yesterday Isla walked right out of her bedroom at nap time following a large loud thump and some crying. Thankfully she wasn’t hurt and also I think may have scared herself a bit but now I’M scared that I will have a toddler that doesn’t stay in her bed!! She is nowhere near ready for a big girl bed or a toddler bed. She still very much needs to be contained to her crib, but I’m at a loss for what to do if this gets worse. The only 2 solutions I have found after some good old fashioned Googling are 1. Put her in a sleep sack to make it more difficult to lift her leg over the bar to climb out (we’ve been doing this and so far it’s worked but of course the one day we forgot at bedtime she got that little leg over!). 2. A company called Naughty Monkey on Etsy that apparently make Pajamas with a piece of elastic sewn in between the legs of the pajamas to have the same effect as the sleep sack. Not able to get her legs wide enough apart to climb. I know this sounds crazy but I think it’s way safer than a crib tent! Thoughts?