first post partum date night

My husband's birthday falls not too long after Isla's, so it was really a special day for him when I decided to put real pants on for the first time and take him out. I didn't make a reservation and could barely keep my eyes open so I was a really fun date. We went to a favorite restaurant, Del Posto. It was super fancy and like I said no ressie so we coudn't even get a seat at the bar. We just sat there, drank wine for about 2 hours and then we were so hungry we came home and ordered a pizza. It was the best of all worlds. I got to put pants on but didn't have to keep them on long enough for them to dig into my rolls, we got to do something fancy and feel a little normal but not be stuck at a 5 hour dinner, and we got to eat pizza on the couch too. Mission accomplished.