out and about

baby's first walk is scary. Especially in the winter in New York. Suddenly the entire city felt like it was going to run into me, spit on me, or hit me with a bike. We ventured out 2 weeks after Isla was born. I walked to ABC Kitchen, had a lovely meal with my mom while Isla slept in the stroller. It was very uneventful but I was having a full heart attack the whole time. I thought for sure there would be a germ of some sort that would somehow jump its way into the stroller and infect my brand new baby, and I would be the worst mom in the world all because I wanted to get a Shrimp Salad and a cookie. I continued these little outings for at least 2 hours a day until I felt comfortable strolling up and down curbs, opening doors for myself with a stroller, and loosening up my grip on the handles of the actual stroller.