The World of Baby Food

Ummm baby food is disgusting. Like actually really gross. And I never realized it until I had my own baby and thought well if I'm going to feed this to her, would I actually eat this myself? And my answer was always EW no way this is gross. Since I am not the type of mom to home make all of my own baby food I wanted to find something else. Thankfully I'm a millennial and I live in the age of instant gratification and the ability to have everything delivered to my doorstep. I discovered LittleSpoon. The have baby blends that are very fancy and the recipes all depend on the freshest ingredients of the season. Now, it's a little bit like the Soho House of baby food. Hard to get into once you apply to be a member of it. However, I like to think that maybe it's because they're new and still growing and not because they only want to feed certain babies they think are worthy lol. I mean it's not like I had to submit a headshot or anything. Anyway, they deliver these perfect blends to our door on ice every 2 weeks. This isn't an AD by any means... it's just that Isla LOVES them and it makes me feel like a good mom that I'm giving her homemade fresh baby food... even if I'm not the one making it!