First Mother's Day

Ok this is a big deal right?! It's my very first day celebrating as a mom and before becoming a mom this day sort of fell under the category of Valentine's day for me. Like it was great and I loved to make the day special, but also wasn't the biggest deal in the world to me. This year... totally different. I didn't expect at all to be treated like a queen, but was just so excited to celebrate being a mom, having a baby and enjoying some spring weather with Me, Isla and Paul. The day turned out to exceed even all of those expectations. I woke up to a giant pile of the most thoughtful gifts from Isla and Paul. A mommy and me book, a pair of Stan smiths for me and matching pair for Isla, and a beautiful diamond band with Isla's birthstone from one of my favorite Jewelry brands, Mystory Jewelry. if that wasn't enough we went to a fancy schmancy brunch at The Mark Hotel. It means so much to us because it was where we stayed during our week of going back and forth to Isla in the NICU. Food and vibe is off the charts there but as if my day could not have gotten any better freaking JLo and A.Rod walk in and sit down with their big family RIGHT ACROSS FROM US! Not behind and not next to us... across. So I could sit, sip my rosé and stare with the perfect view at one of my icons. I mean it really could not have been planned any better.