My First Entrance into the baby "Class" World

We've officially started our very first baby class. NYC can be intimidating with so many options so I went with the most convenient and friendly spot right by our apartment. We've started Developmental Movement for precrawlers. We lay our babies on a blanket, listen to music and just let them figure out what to do while an expert teacher assures us that it's all normal and to let them do what they do. 1 baby is already crawling across the room and gives us all hope that ours will someday do the same. Mostly, I think it's to get the moms out of the house, possibly make some friends and to master the ordeal that is walking into a crowded kids club and knowing where stroller check is. Yes, stroller check. We're getting our groove and it's a great excuse for me to show off Isla's outfits to other people besides me.