Ultra Music Festival. Mom, Baby, & Family.

Our very first trip with an infant was for a family trip planned with my parents, sister, brother, and sister in law. Before our trip to Napa, I decided that we all needed to get a little sun and also because I couldn't do it alone I asked my parents to come with me to Miami. My husband has a huge event each year for work at the Ultra Music Festival and I always try to go. This would be the first year going as a mom and my first time bringing my baby anywhere so it made me feel comfortable to have my family there as my "team Isla" to help. I'm sure Isla would have liked to come to the concert but it was way past her bedtime so we relaxed in the sun and took nice walks during the day and then my parents were nice enough to wine and dine with Isla at night and get her off to bed while I enjoyed some adult fun with my sister and friends. only 4 months old and already a club kid.