Baby's 1st Flight

Recently my family started the tradition of going away on an annual family trip together. Isla's first big trip happened to have been this one. We took her to Napa with us. I basically spent a week making lists and notes and going through various scenarios to try to figure out the my best "game plan" for making travel smooth. In case you care, or in case you are currently in the same boat here's my exact "run of show" for my travel day. I know that sounds totally bananas but it really took the stress out of it to actually play out exactly how I would go through the airport with an infant that was smooth and required the least amount of crap to travel with!

Good Luck!

  • Arrive to Airport with Baby in carseat.
  • Unfold Yoyo Babyzen stroller (with infant bassinet attachment) and put baby in.
  • Put carry on tote (aka normal diaper bag with additional ziplock with formula/water, a few extra toys & a few of my own essentials. Basically just an amped up diaper bag).
  • Curbside Check Carseat and additional luggage.
  • Stroll hands free to security.
  • Take ziplock containing formula and baby food out of bag and give to security. Put diaper bag through.
  • Take baby out and either fold stroller and put on security belt (this is the beauty of the yoyo zen) or stroll it through detector.
  • Walk through with baby.
  • Stroll to Gate.
  • Fold Stroller right before boarding flight. Carry baby, stroller (it folds really teeny and is lighter than the carry on) and diaper bag onto flight. 
  • Put Stroller in overhead bin and diaper bag under seat
  • After the plane lands unfold stroller out of overhead bin. Put baby in the stroller and diaper bag underneath and stroll hands free to baggage claim.
  • With the help of hired driver or Uber driver grab checked luggage and infant car seat and load into your waiting car.
  • Upon arrival at hotel pour a very large glass of wine.